Vue2 SaaS kit

Alexandro Martinez
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The Vue2 SaaS boilerplate with everything you need to start your own startup MVP. Visit my profile to view other SaaS kits.

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Click here to explore the demo (use any email/password).

  • Vue2
  • Tailwind CSS
  • TypeScript
  • Modular persisted store
  • Meta Tags
  • i18n
  • Fake Service (fake data)
  • Pages:
    • Front Views: Landing, Pricing, and Contact
    • Auth Views: Login, Register, Verify, Forgot password...
    • Only for Sandbox Editions and up:
      • Admin Views: Tenants, Users, Pricing, Components...
      • Core App views: Dashboard, Settings, Links...
      • Sample App views: Contracts and Employees
  • Only for Essential Editions and up:
    • API Service (.NET backend)
  • Vue2 Codebase to build your own SaaS.

  • Framework
  • CSS
    Tailwind CSS
  • Language
  • Build tool
  • Vue2 Codebase to build your own SaaS.
  • FrameworkVue2
  • CSSTailwind CSS
  • LanguageTypeScript
  • Build toolBabel
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Vue2 SaaS kit

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