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Alexandro Martinez
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Quick start your MVP with out-of-the-box SaaS features like Authentication, Pricing & Subscriptions, Admin & App portals, Entity Builder (API, Webhooks, Permissions, Audit-trails...), Blogging, and more. Don't reinvent the wheel, again. - Official website - Core Edition Demo - Enterprise Edition Demo

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  • All current features
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  • Subscribing for at least 1 month gives you a lifetime license for 1 developer to build unlimited websites.
  • You can cancel at any time (but you'll lose access to the private repository for updates)

Custom Development

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🪨 Rock-solid Core Features

  • Admin Portal: Manage your SaaS tenants, users, blog, entities, audit trails, API Keys, pricing, and emails.
  • App Portal: Your customer's portal with Dashboard and Settings pages: Profile, Members, Subscription, API Keys...
  • Authentication: Login, Registration, and Forgot/Reset password auth pages + Multi-tenancy support.
  • Subscriptions: Subscription plans/prices with Flat-rate and Per-seat pricing models.
  • Blogging: Publish your blog posts with SEO-ready features.
  • Entity Builder: Create custom entities/properties with autogenerated views, forms, API, audit trails, and webhooks.
  • API: Let your SaaS users use the API to integrate with other services using their API Keys.
  • Webhooks: Connect with Zappier, hence with +4,000 popular applications like Google Drive, Notion, Asana...
  • Components: Inputs, Tables, Buttons, Modal Dialogs, Command Palette, Breadcrumbs, Banners...
  • Documentation: Write your documents for end-users or developers.
  • Audit Trails: Track the SaaS application usage with Created, Updated, and Deleted events.
  • CRM (under 🚧)

🚀 Upcoming Enterprise Features

I'm hoping to meet’s recommendations for Enterprise SaaS providers without doing anything. SaasRock will check all the boxes.

Upcoming Enterprise Features

💪 First-class tech stack

  • Remix: Focused on web standards and modern web app UX, you’re simply going to build better websites.
  • React: A JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • Tailwind CSS: Rapidly build modern websites without ever leaving your HTML. The best utility-first CSS framework.
  • Prisma: Next-generation Node.js and TypeScript ORM. Seriously, the best ORM you'll ever use.

🔗 Integrations

  • Stripe: The payments infrastructure for the internet. Stripe Customers, Products, and Prices.
  • Postmark: The email delivery service that people actually like. Customize your transactional email templates (Welcome, Forgot password, User invitation...).
  • Webhooks by Zapier: Hook events with Zapier with Custom Entity events (Created, Updated, and Deleted).
  • ConvertKit: The creator marketing platform for your newsletter. Used at /newsletter.
  • Formspree: Let your visitors contact you with a form. Used at /contact.
  • Deployment: Deploy your Remix SaaS application on Vercel, Netlify, Cloudflare Workers,, or use your own server (the demo is hosted on Vercel + Supabase).

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+50 SaaS-ready pages

Screenshots - Admin Portal






API Keys

API Logs

Audit Trails

Set up Pricing Plans

Set up Email Templates

Screenshots - App Portal


Command Palette


Account Members

Account Subscription

Linked Accounts

Account Settings

Account API Keys

Account API Logs

Audit Trails

Select Account

Create Account

Screenshots - Authentication


Create Account

Forgot Password


Screenshots - Subscriptions


Account Subscription

Tenant Subscription

Subscription Plans

New Subscription Plan

Screenshots - Blogging


Blog Posts

New Blog Post

Blog Post

Screenshots - Audit Trails

Admin Audit Trails

Tenant Audit Trails

API Audit Trails

Screenshots - Entity Builder


Entity Details

Entity Properties

New Property

Admin Entity Rows View

Admin Entity Rows Logs

Entity Webhooks


Autogenerated Table View

Autogenerated Table Form

Autogenerated Detail/Edit View and Form

Tenant Entity Row Logs 🔗

API Usage

Screenshots - Webhooks

New Entity Webhook

Webhooks by Zapier

Add created entity rows to Google Sheets

Screenshots - API

GET - Get all entity rows

POST - Create entity row

GET - Get entity row

PUT - Update entity row

DELETE - Delete entity row

API Logs

Redirect to localhost:3000/pricing

  • SaasRocks Subscription

  • Updates (1 month)
  • Repository access (1 month)
  • SaasRocks Subscription
  • Updates (1 month)
  • Repository access (1 month)


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