SaasRock - The Remix SaaS Boilerplate

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Launch production-ready SaaS apps with +25 built-in features, such as: Admin dashboard, App portal, Stripe, Blog, Page Builder, Knowledge Base, Workflows, Analytics, Entity Builder, Email Marketing, Notifications, Onboarding, Feature Flags, Cache and Metrics.

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SaaS Features

  • Admin Portal: Manage your tenants, users, blog, analytics, logs, subscriptions, and more.
  • App Portal: End-user portal with Dashboard, Profile, Members, Subscription, and more.
  • Authentication: Login, Register, and Forgot password pages, plus Google/GitHub SSO support.
  • Subscriptions: Stripe Flat-rate, Per-seat, One-time, and Usage-based pricing models + coupons.
  • Blogging: Write, publish, and manage your blog posts with a Markdown editor.
  • Audit Trails: Track the SaaS application usage across all users and tenants.
  • Entity Builder: Custom entities/properties with autogenerated CRUD, Views, API, and more.
  • API Keys: Let your SaaS users use the API with their own API keys.
  • Roles & Permissions: +6 default roles and +30 permissions for you to use or customize.
  • Multi-language: Support for multiple languages using remix-i18next, including English and Spanish.
  • CRM: Manage your contacts, companies, and opportunities. Built with the Entity Builder.
  • Full-stack Routes: Remix-thought components: Forms, Inputs, Tables, Filters, Menus, and more.
  • Events & Webhooks πŸš€: Trigger actions when certain events happen with internal or external webhooks.
  • Analytics πŸš€: Built-in analytics for page views and events tracking using cookies.
  • Email marketing πŸš€: Send emails to your contacts and track the email delivery, open, and click rates.
  • Page Block Builder: Pages, blocks, and SEO tags. +10 default blocks like Heading, Hero, Features...
  • Notifications: In-app, Email, and SMS notifications using the open-source infrastructure, novu.
  • Onboarding πŸš€: Create onboarding flows for your end-users with rules and actions.
  • Unit Tests πŸš€: SaasRock comes with a few unit tests out of the box with Vitest.
  • Feature Flags πŸš€: Turn on or off features for your end-users with filters/rules.
  • Prompt Flow Builder πŸš€: Build and execute prompt flows using OPENAI API to generate context-aware content.
  • Knowledge Base: Manage categories and articles
  • 🚧 Help Desk πŸš€: UNDER CONSTRUCTION
  • 🚧 Enterprise SSO πŸš€: UNDER CONSTRUCTION

First-class tech stack

  • Remix: Focused on web standards and modern web app UX, you’re simply going to build better websites.
  • React: A JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • Tailwind CSS: Rapidly build modern websites without ever leaving your HTML. The best utility-first CSS framework.
  • Prisma: Next-generation Node.js and TypeScript ORM. Seriously, the best ORM you'll ever use.


  • Stripe: The payments infrastructure for the internet. Stripe Customers, Products, and Prices.
  • Postmark: The email delivery service that people actually like. Customize your transactional email templates (Welcome, Forgot password, User invitation...).
  • Novu: Novu is an open-source notification infrastructure, built for engineering teams to help them build rich product notification experiences.

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Last updated Jun 4, 2023

Remix codebase with everything you need to start your SaaS.

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SaasRock - The Remix SaaS Boilerplate

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