Remix SaaS boilerplate

Alexandro Martinez
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The Remix SaaS boilerplate with everything you need to start your own startup MVP.

Entity Builder Preview (In progress)


Use the code "alpha-access" (or click here) to get $600 off until v1.0 is released.

DEMO (v0.2.5)

Click here to explore the demo hosted on Vercel + Supabase (create your own account, and subscribe using a Stripe test card like 4242 4242 4242 4242).

Hello 😀!

I've found the greatest full-stack framework (Remix) and you've found the greatest Remix SaaS kit out there!

Why alpha access?

Until the current roadmap features are implemented:

  • Custom Entity Builder: Custom properties, Permissions, Feature flags, Events, end-user API Key manager, Dashboard indicators... Preview:
  • Minimal CRM features
  • Minimal Support Desk features
  • Minimal Workflows features
  • Minimal A/B testing features
  • UI Components: GDPR, Kanban board...
  • Advanced Pricing: Per user/entity pricing (eg: Slack pricing)
  • And more...


  • Remix + React + Tailwind CSS + TypeScript
  • Stripe checkout (Subscriptions)
  • Postmark emails (Forgot password, Welcome, Invite user, invite workspaces...). Use the REMIXSAASPOSTMARK code to get 20% discount for 3 months on any paid plan.
  • Prisma (Sqlite, Postgres... ORM)
  • Front pages: Landing, Pricing, Contact, Register, Login...
  • App pages: Dashboard, Profile, Subscription, Members, Tenant, Employees, Contracts, Tenant Relationships...
  • Admin pages: Tenants, Users, Pricing, Emails...
  • Other features: Multi-tenant user management, User Events, i18n...

Private repository

You will get an invitation to the private GitHub repo to submit and resolve issues. I’ll be adding new components every now and then.

Check out the changelog page 👉


Send me all your questions at

1. Getting Started

💿 1.1. Rename the .env.example file to → .env and set the following values (although you can come back to this step later):


  • DATABASE_URL - any Prisma supported database connection string
  • SERVER_URL - (http://localhost:3000 on dev, site's URL on prod)
  • SESSION_SECRET - any secure string
  • ADMIN_EMAIL - your admin user
  • ADMIN_PASSWORD - don't commit your .env file


💿 1.2. Open the schema.prisma file and set the datasource provider: sqlite, postgresql... (I recommend using sqlite for local dev).

💿 1.3. Generate and seed your database (if you get an error, delete the prisma/migrations folder).

npx prisma migrate dev --name init

If your using sqlite and your database gets messed up, you can always delete the prisma/dev.db file and run npx prisma db push again.

💿 1.4. Install modules and run the app (if you get and error, delete the package-lock.json file):

npm i
npm run dev

💿 1.5 Open localhost:3000 and play with the Light/Dark Mode toggle and Language Selector (English/Spanish).

2. Creating Pricing Plans

The next steps require that you set the SK_STRIPE env variable.

💿 2.1. Log in with your ADMIN_EMAIL and ADMIN_PASSWORD. You will be redirected to the /admin/dashboard.

💿 2.2. To generate the Stripe pricing plans go to /admin/setup/pricing.

💿 2.3. Click on Click here to create them.

💿 2.4. Verify the created Stripe products at the /pricing page.

💿 2.5. Add a new pricing plan.

You should see the new plan on the /admin/setup/pricing page:

3. Creating Email Templates

The next steps require that you set the POSTMARK_SERVER_TOKEN and POSTMARK_FROM_EMAIL env variables.

💿 3.1. To generate the Postmark email templates go to /admin/setup/emails.

💿 3.2. Click on Create all.

💿 3.3. Click on Send test on the Welcome email template.

💿 3.4. Sign out.

4. Register as a SaaS user

💿 4.1. Register with your email at /register. You will be redirected to the /app/dashboard.

💿 4.2. Click on Subscribe and subscribe to any plan (use any Stripe test card).

Stripe Checkout:

Tenant Subscription Settings:

💿 4.3. Cancel the subscription and subscribe to another pricing plan.


The best support is feedback :), feel free to DM me.

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  • Remix codebase with everything you need to start your SaaS.

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  • Remix codebase with everything you need to start your SaaS.
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